Frequently Asked Questions

The following FAQ answers many of the general questions about Katana’s integrated approach to personal safety. If you have a question that is not answered in the FAQ’s below, contact us.

Katana Arc
How do I set-up my Katana Arc via Bluetooth for the first time?When you open your new Katana Arc, follow the instructions in the Quick Start guide included in the packaging. If you do not have the Quick Start guide, you can see it here.

Can I remove my Katana Arc after adhering it to my smartphone or case and apply it to another smartphone or case?Yes. The adhesive is made to remain sticky and can be transferred (though we don’t recommend sticking and unsticking it more than 5 times.)

How long does the Katana Arc battery last and does it need to be recharged?We designed it so you’d never have to remember to recharge it. It lasts up to 2 years.

I can’t find the wristband. Where is it?The wristband is hidden and stored around the Arc. Watch the video at the bottom of this page to learn how to find and use the wristband.

When do I use the wristband vs. the silent alarm?We found that 60% of crimes are deterred by a loud alarm. We designed the wristband to be used for those instances when you feel really unsafe: walking through an empty campus at night or across a dark parking lot. Those are the best times to walk with the wristband around your wrist. If something happens, all you need to do is drop your phone and the alarm will be triggered.

Does the Arc ever set-off false alerts?We did months of testing and never set-off a false alert, but that doesn’t mean it’s not possible! Luckily, there’s no harm in setting off a false alert. The Katana Monitoring Center will call you and if there’s no emergency, you can cancel the alert.

How do I know my Katana is on and connected (after I’ve already set it up)?Open your Katana App, and if you are not connected, it will say so at the top of the app. Click the menu button on the top left and select “Pair App to Arc”. The small light on the Arc will blink blue every two minutes if you lost your Bluetooth connection or closed the app on your phone. Remember to always keep bluetooth on and the app open on your phone.

My Katana Arc is blinking at me. Why?Blinking Red means your Arc is waiting to pair to your smartphone. Blinking Blue means your Arc was connected but the Bluetooth connection was lost, possibly because you turned off Bluetooth or your phone. Make sure Bluetooth is on and then, simply open the Katana App and it should automatically re-pair after a couple seconds. If it does not, select the menu icon on the top left, choose Pair App to Arc and follow the instructions.

Note – The Katana Arc is set-up to blink once every two minutes if it is not connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth or if your app isn’t running on your phone. This blinking is to ensure you know that there is no connection.

How do I make the audible alarm stop?Simply replace the red toggle back in the bottom of the Katana Arc.

Can I give my Arc to someone else?Yes, but you will need to transfer your subscription by calling customer service at

If I’m connected to my Katana Arc via bluetooth, can I be connected to other devices via bluetooth at the same time (like my car, speakers, etc?)
Yes. You can be connected to multiple devices at the same time.

Is the Katana Arc waterproof?No, not at this time.

How can I reset my Arc if it’s just not working?On the back of your Arc, there is a small hole in the top left corner. Gently insert a paperclip into the hole and press and release the small reset button. The Arc should then blink red.

Katana App
Do I need to keep the Katana app open at all times for Katana to work?Yes. Keeping the app running is just like turning on your home alarm. If you don’t turn it on, your security system isn’t armed.

What else do I need to do to ensure my system is always armed?Remember these important requirements: 1) Always keep your Bluetooth and Location Services ON 2) Keep your Katana app running on your phone 3) Have an active data plan or be connected to WIFI 4) Allow Katana to send you notifications.

Does keeping the Katana app running wear out the battery on my phone?Apple and Google operating systems have become very efficient at managing individual app battery consumption, plus our app was designed and optimized to only use your battery when we need it…during an alert only.

Do I have to pay for the Katana App? Can I use the app without purchasing the Katana Arc?The Katana App comes the monthly subscription that you pay for when you buy the Katana Arc. The Katana Arc, App and Monitoring is a complete system that all work together. You cannot use them independently of each other.

I’m trying to download the Katana App and it’s asking me for a code. How do I find my code?When setting up your account, the app will prompt you to enter your phone number to make sure we have the correct one, the code is sent to you in a text (SMS) message that should be available in your text messaging app on your phone.

Do the members of my Katana Community need to download the app?No. All communication from you to your Katana Community is via text message or email. They do not need the app to be in your community.

Katana Circle
How many people can I have in my Katana Circle?Choose at least one and up to seven close friends or family.

How do I choose my Katana Circle members?Choose close friends or family that you trust to help you if you are feeling unsafe. The majority of them should be close to you in proximity but some can be further away if you simply want them to be notified.

Do my Katana Circle members need to have a Katana Arc or the app to be notified?No. All communication from you to your Katana Community is via text message or email.

When will my Katana Circle receive a message if I send an alert?If you send an alert, the first thing that will happen is a Katana Monitoring Center agent will call you to check in. They will assess your emergency and help you. They will also ask you if you want to notify your Katana Circle. If you say yes, they will activate the text messages and phone calls to your Circle.

Can my Katana Circle members speak to the Katana Response Center?No. The Katana Response Center can only call the person who sent the alert.

Katana Response Center
Does the Katana Response Center know my location?Yes, but they will only see it if you trigger an alert.

Can the Katana Response Center call local emergency services (911) on my behalf?Yes, but you need to select “yes” to that option in your profile within the Katana app.

Is the Katana Response Center ever closed?No. They are available to you 24/7.

Does the Katana Security System work internationally?Not at this time. It only works in the US.
Help for Katana Circle Members
What are the responsibilities of being in someone’s Katana Circle?By agreeing to be in someone’s Katana Community, you are commiting to be there for them in situations where they feel unsafe.

When will I receive an alert?If someone you know presses their silent alarm or pulls the audible alarm, they will first be called by a Katana Response Center agent who will assess their situation and offer help. If they say they want their Katana Circle notified or if they do not answer their phone, text messages and phone calls will be sent to their Katana Circle. The agent will also call local emergency services if the user has set-up permission for them to do so.

What should I do if I receive an alert from someone?The first thing to do is open the text message you receive on your phone and see the person’s location. If you can help, click the button “I can help.” This will notify the user and other Circle members that you can help. Your phone will ring and you will be added into a shared conference call so that together you can coordinate next steps. When you receive a Katana alert from someone, they are counting on you to help however you can — whether that’s by contacting them via phone call, alerting those closest to their location of the situation, or contacting local authorities or emergency services. It’s all part of a bigger plan in which we can share the responsibility for each other’s safety.

What do alerts look like?Alerts come to you in two ways: text message and phone call. An alert via text message looks like this:


Clicking on the link will reveal a map of the Katana user’s location. You will also see who else has been notified and whether they can help.

Your phone will ring and prompt you to stay on the phone to be joined in a conference call with other Circle members so that together, you can coordinate next steps.

Shipping & Returns
We want you to be extremely happy with your product and if you are not, you are welcome to return or exchange it within 60 days of purchase by presenting a copy of your receipt. Simply contact us here. Our customer support team will be happy to walk you through the return/exchange process.

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