Apr 24, 2023

Risk Prevention VS Reaction

Risk prevention yields a far greater ROI than responding to an incident after the fact. US Companies spend more than $300 Billion annually on legal fees, investigations and lost wages stemming from incidents of workplace violence, theft, injury and misconduct.

Additionally, corporations invest millions to protect infrastructure, databases, systems and brand image, however, most have not properly deployed protection for lone and remote employees leaving the organization exposed to potential litigation.

KATANA Safety is an easy-to-use platform that powers enterprises to help mitigate risks and create a “return on prevention” by surfacing actionable people-sourced safety and security intelligence, on some of the most critical types of risks facing organizations today.

  • Get Help Before, During and After any Situation
  • Enterprise-Level Safety Made Simple
  • Transformative Technology to Keep Your People Safer
  • Mitigate Risk and Reduce Liability
  • Assist with OSHA’s Duty of Care compliance requirements

If you are interested please forward this to the executive in charge of employee safety and retention or click here to schedule a 15 min meeting.