KATANA Safety is the only device that attaches directly to any smartphone and in case of emergency bypasses the phone’s lockscreen via our patented quick trigger activation to provide your employees with instant help.

Our cutting-edge technology establishes a vital connection between your team and our 24/7 emergency response center providing round-the-clock protection, no matter where your employees are located or what situation they may be in.

By equipping employees with our discreet smart device and patented quick-trigger panic button, organizations demonstrate their commitment to providing a safe work environment.

The Katana Difference


Quick trigger activation provides help at the flick of a finger


Overrides Smartphone Lock Screen and instantly opens KATANA Safety App


24/7 Emergency Response Agent identifies user location and stands ready to respond


Notifications sent to Circle of Safety (if necessary) and data collected in dashboard

Quick Trigger
Device Options

Our devices are designed specifically to fit on the back of your phone, so you can always have safety in reach.  Patented quick trigger alerts will bypass the phone's lock screen and immediately sound an audible alarm to contact a 24/7 professional emergency response team, dispatch emergency services, and notify a network of your closest friends. With just the touch of a button, you can have peace of mind knowing that help is on the way to your location.
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KATANA Safety Wallet

Available in Black and White

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Katana Safety Mini

Available in Black & White


Our platform helps you manage Duty of Care obligations while minimizing risk and liability. 

With a customizable dashboard, you can monitor alerts with real-time GPS map location via dynamic tracking, mass communication capabilities, and manage user service and licenses. You also get access to compliance reporting with custom parameters and records of all triggered alerts. 

Quarterly data analysis allows for the identification of trends by time, location, department, or demographic, which can help mitigate future incidents.

Features & Benefits

Our 24/7 Response Center provides round-the-clock support to ensure the safety of your employees.

Circle of Safety

KATANA Safety's Circle of Safety feature notifies selected individuals in seconds after dispatching emergency services. This network provides a collective support system with various communication options, including text notifications, location maps, and conference calls. KATANA Safety ensures that the user is always connected to those who care the most.

24/7 Emergency
Response Team

<span>24/7 Emergency</span><br>Response Team

Our advanced technology and certified safety agents empower 911 first responders with the fastest and most accurate information when an alert is triggered.

With KATANA Safety, highly trained emergency specialists are available 24/7, equipped with a GPS locator and the ability to identify and dispatch emergency services if necessary. Our advanced API’s enable two-way text communication and empower PSAPs and first responders with real-time location updates.

With three state-of-the-art bi-directionally redundant monitoring stations, our 5 Diamond Certified and UL listed services provide 100% United States coverage and have handled over 150,000 emergencies with proven performance.

While 911 is only for true emergencies, our 24/7 Response Center can be accessed anytime your employees feel uncomfortable, enabling us to dispatch appropriate emergency services directly to their  exact GPS location.

  • Highly Trained Emergency Specialist available 24/7 with GPS Locator
  • Identifies exact location and can dispatch emergency services if necessary
  • Faster Data Rich Details Relayed Direct to 911
  • Advanced API’s can provide Two Way Text Communication
  • Empowers PSAPS and first responder with real-time location updates
  • 3 state of the art bi-directionally redundant monitoring station
  • 5 Diamond Certified by TMA and UL listed provide 100% US Coverage
  • Proven Performance with over 150,000 Emergencies handled

Walk with Me®

<span>Walk</span> with Me®

The Walk With Me® alert feature triggers the 24/7 Response Center to call the user through the app.

A personal safety agent will remain on the phone until the user arrives at their destination safely. In case of an emergency, the GPS location feature enables us to locate the user or dispatch the appropriate responders to their location.

Reporting & Analytics

Reporting <span>&</span> Analytics

KATANA Safety offers a powerful reporting analytics feature that allows companies to gather valuable insights into their safety and security protocols.

Our platform provides a range of customizable reporting options, allowing businesses to generate reports that align with their unique needs and goals. These reports can provide important data on metrics such as:

  • Employee check-in
  • Incident response times
  • Emergency alerts
  • Analyze trends and identify areas for improvement
  • Enhance safety and security through data-driven decisions

Employee Check-in

<span>Employee</span> Check-in

KATANA Safety understands that employee well-being is crucial for any successful organization.

Our platform makes it easy for supervisors to initiate these check-ins and for employees to report any concerns they may have, in live time. By fostering a supportive work environment through regular communication, or emergency-based communication, our platform can help increase employee morale, reduce turnover, and ultimately improve the overall productivity and success of your company, while maintaining the safety of your most valuable asset, your employees. 

  • Peace of Mind for Employees
  • Optimize Employee Scheduling
  • Maximize Daily Workflow
  • Real-time Location Analytics
  • Uphold Employee Privacy

Custom Enterprise Dashboard with Mass Broadcasting Communication:

<span>Custom Enterprise</span> Dashboard with  Mass Broadcasting Communication:

The KATANA Safety organizational broadcast communication tool is powerful for business owners looking to enhance their communication strategy and reduce risk.

With its custom Enterprise dashboard, businesses can easily manage their communication channels and ensure that essential information reaches their employees in real-time.

Benefits Include:

  • Instantly communicate critical updates such as emergency alerts or important company announcements, to their entire workforce.
  • Risk mitigation and improve employee safety by ensuring that everyone is on the same page.
  • Assist with OSHA’s Lone Worker Duty of Care Requirements
  • Improve their communication strategy
  • Keep employees informed and safe.
  • Transferable user licenses

Protect Your
Greatest Assets

By mitigating workplace incidents, executives can enhance employee retention rates, save significant costs on workers' compensation claims, and avoid costly legal battles. KATANA Safety safeguards the invaluable assets of a business, its employees.

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