Cone Health’s Adoption of KATANA Safety: Enhancing Homecare Staff Safety and Quality of Care

“The staff feel like they are not alone making home visits. They feel like they have someone else with them.

About Cone Health

Cone Health is a not-for-profit network of healthcare providers serving multiple counties in North Carolina. Cone Health provides a variety of services ranging from emergency care, wellness, primary care to care in a patient’s home. HomeCare Providers is the home care agency owned by Cone Health, specializing in keeping patients well, at home, through a variety of services.

For caregivers and providers dedicated to essential care and home visits, prioritizing the health and well-being of their patients is paramount. The KATANA Safety solution is tailored to safeguard providers, allowing them to devote their attention to delivering impeccable, compassionate care to those who rely on them. If you’re eager to explore how KATANA enhances caregiver safety and streamlines care delivery, schedule a demo today and discover the invaluable benefits firsthand.