of home healthcare workers have experienced workplace violence.


Protecting What
Matters Most

Approximately 80% of home healthcare workers reported experiencing at least one incident of verbal or physical abuse from patients or their family members.

KATANA Safety revolutionizes healthcare and home care worker protection by offering the sole personal safety device that seamlessly integrates with any smartphone. During a critical situation, KATANA Safety leverages its patented quick trigger activation to bypass the phone's lock screen, ensuring immediate assistance for your employees.

Our state-of-the-art personal safety technology establishes a vital link between your team and 24/7 emergency response center, as well as a safety network of trusted contacts, providing round-the-clock protection wherever they may be.

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Peace of mind leads to:

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Reduced workers absence

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Minimizing the likelihood of harm in the workplace

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Demonstrating a commitment to employee well-being

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Employee retention

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Reduction of stress and increased job satisfaction

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Assisting healthcare workers in feeling more secure and supported in their work

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At KATANA Safety, we understand the unique challenges that come with working alone in potentially high-risk environments, like interacting with aggressive patients, family members, and traveling in and out of unfamiliar neighborhoods. That's why we've developed a solution that is specifically designed to help prevent uncomfortable situations from escalating. 

With just a flick of a finger, your team can activate a chain of events that will alert our 24/7 Response Center Team and bring assistance to their location. And because our quick-trigger activation device is designed to fit seamlessly onto the back of their phone, your team will be reminded every time they pick up their phone that you have their back, both on and off the clock. 

Protect your home care professionals from serious or life-threatening situations and trust KATANA Safety to keep them secure while on the job.


Workplace Threat

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Higher risk of workplace violence than other industries


Home health care workers have an injury rate of 7.7 per 100 full-time workers, which is nearly 3X higher (191%) than the private industry


More likely than other industries to experience workplace violence


What Healthcare Professionals
Say About Us

“Our aide was working in a patient’s home with a family member who had just committed a very serious, dangerous crime. We learned later he was a habitual felon.”

“I really enjoy having it and it’s definitely nice to have when you are in an uncomfortable position or walking around town. The response time is super quick and everyone is willing to assist in the company!”

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Our devices are designed specifically to fit on the back of your phone, so you can always have safety in reach.  Patented quick trigger alerts will bypass the phone's lock screen and immediately sound an audible alarm to contact a 24/7 professional emergency response team, dispatch emergency services, and notify a network of your closest friends. With just the touch of a button, you can have peace of mind knowing that help is on the way to your location.
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KATANA Safety Wallet

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Katana Safety Mini

Available in Black & White

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By mitigating workplace incidents, executives can enhance employee retention rates, save significant costs on workers' compensation claims, and avoid costly legal battles. KATANA Safety safeguards the invaluable assets of a business, its employees.

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