The KATANA Safety Story

Helping Prevent Personal Assault Everywhere


The defining moment occurred while our founder was attending a human trafficking awareness event.  He was shocked to learn that every year, millions of men, women, and children are trafficked worldwide.  He realized trafficking can happen in any community and victims can be any age, race, gender, or nationality.  As the father of two teenage children, including a 13-year old daughter, he was determined to help vulnerable individuals in unsafe situations everywhere.  He immediately started to strategize on how to address this growing threat.


He quickly realized that all existing personal safety options had the same problem: They unrealistically require individuals to prepare for the unpreparable! They require the user to rely upon charging, remembering to carry, etc.  This often leaves users vulnerable when help is needed. How could he make sure his children always had access to help? The lightbulb clicked when he realized the only item, they “always carry” is their phone. This fact became the guiding principle and company purpose: Develop a personal safety platform to provide immediate help by leveraging the tools and technology built within a smartphone – because it is always with you!


After three years of intensive research, investment and development, the KATANA Safety platform was launched. KATANA Safety deployed a patented technology that attaches to a smartphone providing members help anywhere anytime. With a simple touch of a button the KATANA Safety Wallet will instantly override the lock screen on your smartphone and connect you with people who will provide calculated, immediate help for the situation at hand. KATANA Safety empowers individuals to manage any situation with cease and confidence.

Your Safety. Our Mission.

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