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The Social Worker profession involves inherent vulnerabilities. Though unlikely, what happens if a team member is assaulted or injured on the clock? And what if you find out you could have done more to prevent it? Beyond that, what if others start asking if there’s more you could have done to prevent it?

Social Worker Safety Risks

Solving This Problem is Personal to Us

Every day mobile social service professionals interact with a wide range of increasingly complex environments. In 2018, the Bureau of Labor Statistics found that health and social service workers were nearly five times as likely to suffer a serious workplace violence injury than workers in other sectors. Because of this, the turnover rate in the social service industry remains notoriously high. Our transformative technology connects your team with trained professionals, helping them navigate vulnerable situations before, during and after they might occur.

Situations Social Workers face daily:

  • Removing a child from an unsafe environment
  • Visiting clients in unpredictable environments
  • Working with individuals with Mental Illness, histories of violence, struggles with drug abuse or health issues
  • Becoming a target for other crimes including robbery and physical assault
  • Dependence on available law enforcement officers to be present if the environment is predictably dangerous

Best Practices for Social Workers:

  • De-escalation tips –
    • Stay calm and listen actively.
    • Demonstrate empathy and be non-judgmental
    • Keep a safe distance
    • Be aware of body language
  • Home visit safety strategies –
    • Approaching adults with an open mind
    • Asking open-ended questions that allow adults to offer their perspectives
    • Offer children clear and honest interactions
    • Present children with clear options and choices, which reduce anxiety and opposition when children are asked questions
  • Trust your instinct when sensing danger
  • Keep any personal information as private as you can during a home visit

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Social Worker Testimonials

I have really enjoyed my KATANA device, so far! I feel blessed that I have not had to use it in an emergency situation. However, it provides me with a great sense of comfort and security, as I spend most of my days driving and navigating unfamiliar areas.

I loved my KATANA experience! The app was very helpful and convenient. My friends and family were also interested in the app.

I love Katana! As you know, we are always in and out of people’s homes. I love having that extra protection whenever I am out and about throughout the day. I also really love the new check-in feature.

So far, using the Katana device has been great. I love having the security of knowing I can easily call for help at any time. I actually just got a new phone and I was impressed that the adhesive still securely stuck to my new phone after removing it from my old phone.

I really enjoy having it and it’s definitely nice to have when you are in an uncomfortable position or walking around town. The response time is super quick and everyone is willing to assist in the company!
I think this device is great for anyone as it is super easy to use!

KATANA Safety Solution

KATANA SAFETY offers a comprehensive way to address the duty of care obligations and validate Social Services’ commitment to the safety and well-being of its people. With our easy-to-use solution, you can transform from a company with thousands of unique risks to a proactive, pre-emptive and empathetic mitigator of risk. Not addressing the risks to these employees could be a ticking time-bomb for the industry-based workplace safety and OSHA compliance.

Anyone. Anytime. Anywhere.

Going where no other option can go

Weapons can't go everywhere.

You must remember to carry and charge wearables

To use an app, you must unlock your phone

Always Connected,

Always Protected

KATANA Safety Features for

Social  Workers

Patented Personal Safety Device

  • Instantly unlock your phone to send alert with the flick of the trigger
  • Piercing Siren or Silent Alert
  • Creates a record for review by organization
  • Attaches directly to smartphone so it’s always with you and easily accessible

24/7 Response Center

  • Notifies your organization immediately
  • GPS locator
  • Emergency Dispatch

Enterprise Dashboard

  • View live alerts with GPS location per user
  • Compliance reporting and records
  • Quarterly data trends and analysis
  • Customizable

Social Worker Safety – Why KATANA?

Boost morale, reduce risk, and provide peace of mind to everyone

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