GREENVILLE, SC, JAN 17, 2024 – Maxwell Healthcare Associates (MHA) – the home health industry’s leading post-acute consulting firm, and KATANA Safety (KATANA) – the premier provider of lone and workforce safety solutions, have announced a new strategic partnership to help create a safer work environment for home-based workers.  It was also announced today that Jennifer Maxwell, MHA’s CEO and co-founder, will be joining KATANA Safety’s Board of Directors.

KATANA Safety helps keep home-based workers safer with a personal safety solution that leverages a smartphone and patented quick-access device to instantly notify help when needed.  Workers can choose an audible or silent alert that automatically bypasses the phone’s lock screen, activating GPS tracking and an emergency alert system via a direct link to a 24/7 Emergency Response Center. 

MHA is the industry leader in providing affordable, comprehensive and customized post-acute care consulting services that are scalable to the unique needs of their clients.  MHA’s innovation improves the experience of both clinicians and patients by ensuring that post-acute agencies receive the necessary tools and guidance to improve patient treatment, save clinician time and resources, and differentiate your agency.

Jennifer Maxwell states “I am thrilled about our partnership with KATANA and to be joining their Board of Directors.  Their passion of helping to create a safer working environment for home-based workers is something I am passionate about as well.  Their patented technology is clearly the market leader, and workers who have peace of mind while providing care in someone’s home will provide a higher level of patient care and are a valuable resource for their companies.”

Todd Baldree, KATANA’s founder and CEO said “The partnership with MHA is truly a great opportunity for KATANA.  We are honored to work with a company and team that is so highly respected in the industry.  Protecting employees while providing home-based care helps attract and retain workers, ultimately adding to a company’s bottom line.”  Baldree continued, “Jennifer’s extensive experience and commitment to the industry will be invaluable as KATANA strives to be the premier provider of lone and workforce safety solutions.”  

About Maxwell Healthcare Associates  
Maxwell Healthcare Associates (MHA) boasts an average of 20 years of experience in the post-acute space and has a pulse on what’s relevant now in the industry. MHA works with home health and hospice agencies to strategize, optimize, and transform success across the nation through active strategy improvement and tech-enabled success. For more information, visit or contact 

About KATANA Safety
KATANA Safety is the premier provider of lone and workforce safety solutions. A partner of many of the leading post-acute care home health providers and Social Services agencies across the Country, KATANA offers the only personal safety device that attaches directly to any smartphone so it’s always available in case of an emergency. KATANA utilizes a patented quick-access device to bypass the phone’s lock screen and connect workers instantly to a 24/7 Emergency Response Center. KATANA Safety keeps workers safer, increases employee retention and improves company performance. For more information visit or contact