A New Benefit for Our Employees 

Novolex is investing in your personal safety.

As an employer dedicated to the overall wellbeing of our employees we are now offering an exclusive benefit to empower you during uncertain or unsafe times on the job or off. By providing the tools to stay connected and in control you can live and work clear of crisis.

During the next year Novolex will pay towards the employee portion of your personal safety device/subscription and allow you the opportunity to purchase additional units for your loved ones at a much reduced Novolex rate.

KATANA Safety is a great way of showing those you care about, how much you value their safety.

KATANA Safety™ is the world’s first personal safety system that travels with you on your smartphone. Our patented, quick trigger alert immediately contacts a 24/7 professional emergency support center, activates an audible alert and notifies a network of your closest friends to help keep you safe. You now have a system designed to give you clarity and control in time of crisis.

3 Layers of Defense

The App

1) Safety Profile make it easier for the Response Center and any emergency responders to identify you in emergency situations.

2) KATANA Circle of Safety add up to seven people to your Circle to be notified you may need help.

3) GPS location – let your Circle Members and our Response Center locate you in an emergency.

The 24/7
Response Center

1) 24/7 access –  to trained response center operators who can dispatch appropriate emergency responders if the situation requires.

2) Available whenever you feel uncomfortable or find yourself in a vulnerable situation. – No matter the situation, our Response Center is here to help you, whereas you cannot always get a hold of someone or call 911 if you feel uncomfortable.

3) For non-emergencies, our Walk With Me feature – immediately connects you to our operator until you feel safe or reach your final destination.

Quick Triggers

Providing you with three ways to trigger an alert, regardless of the situation.

 1) Silent Alert Button – press 3 times or hold down to send an alert.

2) Quick Trigger Tab – pull down tab to trigger an audible alert at 125dbs.

3) Hidden Wristband – can be worn at any time and audible alert is triggered if wristband detaches from quick triggers.