KATANA Safety encourages awareness and provides preparedness. Being the master of your domain is no longer an issue. KATANA Safety is your grace under pressure, your shield from whatever lurks in the shadows.

Being safer is as simple as downloading our app and attaching the Wallet to your smartphone, which goes where you go. Add your Circle of Safety along with our trained call center and build a community of immediate response. Having these tools ahead of time is reassuring; now you have an ally with you at all times.




Being prepared gives you a mental advantage. In a crisis, as a part of the KATANA Safety community you feel like a part of something bigger. You’re ready for whatever life brings your way. At the push of a button, real people, your people, come to your rescue.

When a suspicious person is following you on your walk home from class and you aren’t sure whether or not to be afraid you have several options. When the feeling of discomfort escalates, sound the siren to scare the would-be attacker. Our response center is there with you and calls immediately to dispatch the appropriate help.

KATANA Safety Helps


KATANA Safety makes you feel empowered, supported, and reassured. You are part of a whole, and not alone. Whether you press the I’m OK button once you reach your destination or the Call Center helps manage a situation, KATANA Safety is still with you once you are clear of crisis. 

Once you are clear of crisis, we continue our commitment and care to follow up via email, text, or call to confirm you are ok.