Every day, #healthcareworkers provide a wide range of services in increasingly complex environments. Most home care interactions are routine and positive, but on occasion, verbal abuse or violence can occur. More than 72% of #workplaceviolence in the United States is committed against healthcare workers in all settings of care.

We have been hearing from many organizations that some of their employees have worries of physical safety that have only been compounded by staffing shortages and the increased pressure for everyone to take on more and more work.

In response to staff concerns, Sentara Healthcare engaged #KATANASafety to help increase staff confidence about their personal safety in the field.

“Home-based recovery and hospice are playing an increasing role in the continuum of care,” adds Kim Bradley. “The growing demand for #homecare raises the potential for workplace violence and we are proud to partner with KATANA Safety to help ensure our workers are #safe.”

Our transformative technology connects your team with trained professionals, helping them navigate vulnerable situations, before, during and after they might occur. Our goal is to keep mobile workers safe and prevent emergencies before they happen, but we can also respond quickly when someone is in trouble.

We are excited to forge a partnership with an incredible organization that is dedicated to not only quality care but the care of its employees.

If you are interested in learning more about how KATANA Safety can help your organization, book a demo with us for more information.

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