In a world where personal safety is paramount, a seamless blend of innovation and vigilance has arrived to redefine protection for professionals in industries like social work and home care. At the forefront of this need stands a revolutionary safety device and platform, working to become the cornerstone of safety protocols across the personal care industry. This groundbreaking technology creates an indispensable lifeline between your team and a 24-7 emergency response center, complemented by a robust safety network woven from trusted contacts. It’s an all-encompassing solution, ensuring continuous safeguarding regardless of the location or the complexities of the situation. This commitment to unyielding protection represents a pivotal step in fostering secure work environments for organizations—this is the vision upheld by KATANA Safety with the introduction of the safety wallet, empowering clinicians to feel confident, connected, and in control in any situation.  

The Motivation 

Driven by care and dedication, KATANA Safety emerged from the impassioned journey of our founder, Todd Baldree. His motivation came alive at a human trafficking awareness event, where the stark realities of violence resonated deeply within him as a professional, and more importantly, a father. As a devoted father of two, Baldree was committed to protecting his loved ones, specifically his oldest, as she began the next chapter of her life on the way to college. Baldree worked tirelessly to craft a tangible solution that could guarantee the safety of vulnerable individuals within any community. This profound determination birthed KATANA Safety, a revolutionary personal safety solution seamlessly taking advantage of the constant presence of smartphones through a patented quick-trigger device. Todd’s commitment to creating a safer world for all stands as the cornerstone of KATANA’s mission —a motivation that continues to drive our relentless goal of innovation and security. 

The Concept 

Rooted in Todd’s observations and driven by a fervent dedication to protect his family, Baldree discovered a critical rift in safety provisions for many at-risk people, specifically Home Health and Social Service workers. KATANA Safety emerged as a beacon of innovation to protect workers in new settings, unfamiliar situations, or just the general chaos of day-to-day life. Extensive research and development unveiled a stark gap in accessible, easy-to-use safety devices, igniting the birth of the safety wallet. The patented technology at the heart of this device is a testament to simplicity meeting efficacy—a quick-trigger mechanism integrated into the one thing guaranteed to be present in most situations, a smartphone. KATANA’s practical solution transcends the barriers of lock screens, offering swift access to immediate assistance in moments of crisis, unfettered by geographical boundaries or the constraints of time. With KATANA Safety by their side, workers confidently navigate any unforeseen circumstances, empowered by the assurance of rapid, reliable support whenever and wherever it’s needed most. 

The Result 

From its origins as a personal safety tool, KATANA Safety has evolved into the ultimate safety solution for individuals working independently or within organizations across client-facing sectors like healthcare and social services. These professions often face daily exposure to vulnerable or high-risk situations, and KATANA is here to care for those that care. The patented device connects workers to a 24/7 response hub, bypassing the phone lock screen with a discreet press of a button triggering alarms, silent alerts, and location tracking. KATANA Safety stands as the beacon of protection, providing reliable, discreet, and seamless safety regardless of the issue. This simple device offers a multitude of advantages for both employees and employers alike. By immediately connecting users to a 24/7 network of safety professionals, the transformative device instills a sense of peace during work, diminishes business risks, and notably enhances employee retention rates. The application provides a range of innovative protection options including the Walk With Me feature, where a safety professional calls the traveling worker, tracking their location and staying on the line until the worker safely reaches their destination.  The far-reaching benefits perfectly display KATANA Safety’s commitment to ensuring a secure environment while building a safer tomorrow for all involved.  

Caring for Those Who Care  

What started as a passion project for a devoted father concerned with the safety of his children has grown into the pinnacle safety option for Home Health and Social Service workers providing care in client-facing roles. KATANA’s seamless integration into a workers smartphone builds the connection to around the clock safety and peace of mind no matter the situation. For caregivers providing essential care and home visits, the main concern should be the health and wellbeing of their patient. KATANA’s safety solution concentrates on clinician safety so they can focus on providing seamless, quality care for all those in need. If you’re interested in learning more about this solution or would like to see the benefits it provides for your caregivers, book a demo today.