Did you know that KATANA Safety allows users to text discreetly for help in an emergency?  The KATANA Safety Silent Button provides immediate help in any situation by allowing you to communicated directly via 2-Way SMS Text communication with trained Emergency Responders.

The exclusive KATANA Safety silent panic button is ideal in situations when faced with someone who displays threatening behavior.  The purpose is to send emergency help without putting your life at more risk, especially when you find yourself in a dangerous situation. 

For example, if you expose a call for help with a loud sound, it could escalate the situation. 

KATANA Safety’s silent button feature offers a way to call for help in the most simplistic and discreet way.  Simply click the silent buttons, stay calm and all of the work is done for you in the background.

When To Use the Silent Alert Button:

  1. In situations where you do not want to draw attention to yourself 
  2. Uphold confidentiality in your choice to ask for help.
  3. If you think there is a likelihood that the person you need protection from will try to take your phone or get aggressive if they hear you calling for help, the silent button is a great option.

How the Silent Button Works:

  • The silent button is not only quick and easy to initiate a call for help
  • Simply pressing the side buttons allows you to quietly protect yourself
  • Once the alert is triggered, you can:
    • Allow Response Center to contact dispatch immediately
    • Or you can choose to text back and forth with one of the agents
    • Texting provides the freedom to describe your emergency and give more details while staying discreet if the situation calls for it